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1.5 km of highway...... 92 bags of garbage
picked up in 2015

Very pleased to report that at our 2nd highway       Our 3rd and final cleanup... we gathered 27
we pickedthe 2015 season we picked up only            bags of garbage. Bringing PV STAFFERS 
11 bags of garbage. Thanks to all who came             to a total of 92 bags of garbage picked up in 2015!!
out to help!




It is with great pleasure that we announce the sale of Pleasant Valley Golf Course to local residents of the St Thomas/Aylmer area. The Cresswell family has owned and operated the Course since 1961 and we are very proud of the accomplishments and joy this property has brought not only to our family but the community. We would like to thank each and every one of you and your family members for supporting our efforts and both Bob and I are excited to see the new chapter take place under the new owners.

There will be an open house on February 17, from 2-5pm to meet and see what is new for 2018, we hope to see you here.

Bob and Joan Cresswell.